Crime Surfboards 8'10" Long Fish Black/Red w/Fins

Crime Surfboards 8'10" Long Fish Black/Red w/Fins

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CRIME was created by CJ Nelson in 2018, with the intent to build a brand that reflects and embodies his influences from skateboarding, music, art and design.

All CRIME Surfboards are designed by CJ Nelson, and are built to be "soft-tops that work". They are all made like "real surfboards", and constructed from shaped eps foam blanks with stringers, glassed with 6oz epoxy cloth, then finished with a textured EVA foam skin (which works best without wax), laminated to the deck. The end result is a highly shreddable, super fun surfboard that performs exceptionally well in most conditions, and that also doesn't wear out like those other disposable soft-tops..

Our Long Fish combines the diversity of a Midlength, with the maneuverability of a Twin Keel Fish!  It's added speed and paddle power also make it the perfect board for most conditions!

* Compatible with FCS I and FCS II fins, and a set of CRIME Fiberglass Twin Keel fins are included with this board!
8'10" x 23”13 x 3.32”, 80L