Oneballjay X-Wax Cool Wax (110g)
Oneballjay X-Wax Cool Wax (110g)

Oneballjay X-Wax Cool Wax (110g)

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The X-Wax series ski and snowboard wax is the fastest wax we make! Because second still sucks!

X-Wax is formulated with Fluorinated Paraffin’s, not CFC’s or PTFE chemicals. The colored X-Wax 74 gram bar now includes a Fluoro-Graphite bar additive.

Fluorinated Graphite additive wax is to be used as an additional speed boost in any conditions. Either rub-on or hot wax Graphite bar before hot waxing the colored wax as the top coat. Graphite Bar additive is 40 grams. Total 114g

  • Warm = 32ºF to 26F (0ºC to -3ºC)
  • Cool = 28ºF to 21ºF (-2ºC to -6ºC)
  • Cold = 23ºF to 12ºF (-5ºC to -11ºC)
  • Ice Cold = 12ºF & below (-11ºc & below)

Size: 74g colored temperature bar and 40g graphite bar additive. 114g total

Oneball Made in the USA

Hot Waxing X-Wax: Base must be clean & dry. Choose a temperature specific wax to match snow conditions for best results. To apply, start with the smaller black graphite bar and rub it into your base or hold the graphite bar and the colored temperature specific bar together against the base of your iron and drip wax over entire base. Smooth with wax with iron heating up base to allow wax to completely penetrate the Ptex for about 10 mins. Keep iron moving around so to not let one area of the board to get too hot. Let wax cool completely and scrape with a plastic scraper. Brush out remaining wax from base with a brush and polish smooth with a cork using firm pressure.

Rub On: Apply wax to base by hand and cover completely. Use a waxing cork to polish wax into base with firm pressure. A scraper can be used and then use a waxing brush to polish the hair brush is best for this.