New to Lake Surfing? Read This!

By Brendan Heffernan | TCSS Shop Manager 

Figuring out how to surf the lakes has a number of learning curves. If you’re like me and learned to surf in the ocean and have found yourself on the third coast, forecasting can be tricky. Knowing when and where to go has it’s own challenges but one thing that I get asked most about while managing third coast is “ what gear do I need to surf the lakes”. People ask if we wear dry suits or even abstain from surfing in the winter and the answer I often give is “we wear thick wetsuits that work really well”. If you’re new to lake surfing or surfing in general we’ve put together a wetsuit package that will keep you warm and keep you wallet happy with more than adequate gear. We've got a Men's package for only $395 and Women's package for only $360.

The O’Neill Cold Water Wetsuit package is the perfect place to start for someone who’s getting into lake surfing at a more entry level position. Yes there’s high technology gear out there but it also comes at a higher price. So for anyone who’s wanting to get a start on lake shredding we’ve put this package together with you in mind, a cost efficient, cold water set up that will get you out there. 

The backbone of the package the O’neill Ninja 5/4. This suit intentionally give you flexibility where you need in with Ultraflex sleeves, entry, shoulder and side panels without compromising warmth with chest zip entry. The seams are glued with an additional triple blindstitch to contribute to that flexibility while locking out water. This suit forgoes some of the bells and whistles in order to bring you an extremely cost effective cold water hooded suit. 

The number one reason people have an early curtain call when they cold water surf is that they got too cold and the first two places that most people get cold are their hands and feet. That’s why we recommend the Psycho Tech 5mm Mitten and the 7mm boot. 

Starting with those hands, O’Neill has designed these 5mm gloves to keep all those fingers warm with a windproof smoothskin however a tacky grip so you can hold onto your board in the wind. Keeping as many digits together in the cold water is cruicial for staying toasty on those chilly days.

Wrapping up with keeping your dogs warm are the 7mm Psycho Tech Booties. Designed with a durable outsole for walking on rocks and a pull string to make it easy to slip on so much rubber. These booties will keep your feet insanely warm and protected in the harshest conditions. With your feet being in the water the majority of the time a high quality 7mm bootie like this one is what you’ll need. 

We’re excited to offer this package at a low price as be believe everyone should get a chance to try surfing the lakes with a few barriers as possible. So if you’re interested in starting to get into lake surfing this is the package for you. Check them out!

Men's package for only $395

Women's package for only $360.

See you out there!