Guest Post : The Termination of Foam Shaming

Ha, they don't know how to surf because they ride a foam board. Kooks.

Yes, I learned to ride a surf board made of foam when I was 7 years old. They give equal comfort and simplicity for a newbie in the sport. Why? A foam board has a soft deck, which allows for wipeouts to be as comfy as it can get when unexpectedly losing balance at top speeds. Plus, the blissfully ignorant learner will not understand the cost of a quality surfboard and hence, will accidentally bang whatever board is thrust under their armpit on the nearest sign post, police car, oblivious person, or hotdog-shaped dog. When getting down to the actual surfing part, a foam board has a lot more volume which makes catching waves incredibly easy while staying afloat.

So, dude, like why is that totally rad surf shop manager riding a foamy when he clearly has the skills to ride a performance shortboard? Like, why do people even ride those cheap pieces of styrofoam? Like, seriously, why?

The list of reasons why, to me, could be endless;

1) Softtops are cheap (or cheaper) than almost any conventional surfboard.

2) You can literally put them ANYWHERE and not have to worry about damage through dings, dents, dimples, decapitation, and all that jazz.

3) Although they may not be completely indestructible, they come pretty darn close. And what? You possibly have to throw another quarter of your paycheck into a new one? Well, that's already put you in a place that you've still spent less money on two boards than one epoxy or poyester board.

4) Let's face it: foamies allow for some pretty sick tricks. Want to drop it low into a coffin stance and don't want a sore butt or scraped up knee? Foamy is your best bet. Want to hop onto your fellow surf bud's board for a little ski sesh (or tandem ride)? Foamy has got your back with its incredible buoyancy.

5) You are expanding your perspective on surfing. I feel as though I have now experienced it all. From surf competitions in California, to shortboarding in Puerto Rico and France, to longboarding in Dubai and Florida, nothing will beat the softtop sessions I had with my surfing pals in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Surfing is meant to be fun and silly. Admit it: it gets a little tiring trying to be serious all the time when sitting in the lineup. Friends, let this be the end of foam shaming. Let us move past the days of judging what board that surfer is on, and instead, be happy that they're happy and out in the water.

My name is Jessie Armstrong and I am a proud foamy surfer. Want to join in on the fun? Come in to the Shop and check out our selection of softtops from Catch Surf and Gnaraloo. If you don't know how to surf quite yet, set up a lesson (our instructors are rad) and we can quickly become surfing pals. It is always a good day to get out of your comfort zone and defy the norm...will you?