Third Coast Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure where to start with your holiday shopping list?
We've got you covered with top picks from our crew!

Name: Gavin 
Position: High School Shop Grom 
Loves to: Skate, Snowboard, and Hike
"This crewneck is soft, breathable, and all around my favorite thing in the shop. 10/10 item." 
Stocking Stuffer: Third Coast Surf Wax Candle 
"This candle gives you the chance to bring home the smell of the shop. Who wouldn't want it?" 
Must-Have: Spitfire F4 101a Conical Wheel 
"These are the wheels I go back to every time I wear them down to nothing. They ride, slide, and provide a soft landing for any trick I am doing." 

Name: DeeDee
Position: Purchasing Manager  
Loves to: Kiteboard and surf 
Style ItemPoler Napsack 
"The best thing since sliced bread. Keeps you so warm at the campsite, hockey game, or post surf. Also keeps you warm on the couch for those Netflix binge nights." 
Stocking Stuffer: Third Coast Surf Wax Candle 
"Is there a better small than surf wax? This candle gives you surf and summer memories year-round." 

Must-Have: Catch Surf Noserider
"This board, in my opinion, is the coolest they make. It has real rails and a real fin. No pop-throughs here. It's lightweight, and all my favorite colors on one board." 

Name: Brendan 
Position: Shop Manager  
Loves to: Surf, skate, and snowboard 
Style ItemThird Coast Retro Rider Hoodie 
"This thing is comfortable, warm, and a solid tan/sand color. If you see me working at the shop, you've got a 90% chance of seeing me wearing it." 
Stocking Stuffer: Bones Reds Bearings 
"Reds bearings are probably the best bang for your buck out of any skateboard item I’ve ever owned. Reds' cost to quality ratio is unparalleled. Every skater can use a new set of bearings, and these are tried and true." 

Must-Have: Captain Fin Alex Knost Sunshine Single Fin 
"This a favorite single fin of mine, it holds great on long nose rides, but because it thins out at the top, can crank turns hard. Al Knost is an incredible surfer who's designed a killer fin."

Name: Ryan  
Position: Owner
Loves to: Surf and snowsurf 
Style ItemOG Standard Logo Tee 
"The OG Standard Logo art was the first-ever design for us by “Captain” Jack Flynn, my good surfing buddy in Chicago. This version is on an ultra-cushy tee…so nice!" 
Stocking StufferThird Coast Dawn Patrol Coffee   
"Brewed by our friends at Uncommon Coffee Roasters in Saugatuck (just up the Lake Michigan coast), this is a smooth and tasty medium-bodied roast that gets me going in the morning.

Must-Have: Spring Break Snowboards Slush Slasher 
"When the snow flies and my attention turns to shredding the local ski hills, the Slush Slasher is the tastiest surfy-style board in my quiver. So fun!"

Name: Isa  
Position: High School Shop Grom 
Loves to: Surf, skate, and snowboard
Style Item : Standard Logo Crew 
"Super-comfy crewneck that I got to try on for some photos with Ben. I love the colors and the graphic on the front, and just the general relaxed fit." 
Stocking Stuffer: Third Coast Surf the Great Lakes Poster
"I think this super-cool design will look great on my dorm wall next year. Also just a subtle flex that I work at a surf shop." 

Must-Have: Smith Range Snow Goggles  
"So cute, love the colors, so stylish. I could totally see myself wearing these all dressed warm and looking good in some snowboard gear, just to totally biff it." 

Name: Ben   
Position: Marketing Manager 
Loves to: Surf
Style Item: TCSS Second Street Crew 
"Third Coast Second Street Crew is a classic soft sweatshirt perfect for those early-morning dawn patrols." 
Stocking Stuffer: GOODR Nine Dollar Pour Over Shades 
"These are my go-to sunglasses. Classic style, solid quality, but still affordable so I don't have to feel too bad about inevitably losing them!" 

Must-Have: Creative Army 8'1" Huevo  
"The Creative Army 8'1" Huevo is my go-to surfboard. I consider it my Swiss Army knife since it excels in all kinds of surf. Small or big....this board works its magic. I've been riding this board for over 2 years, it rips!!" 

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