Third Coast Staff Picks: Our Favorite Gear for the Summer

Check out our crew's summer must-haves!

Position: Owner
Loves to: Surf and Snowboard 

Third Coast Sprout Enamel Mug
"This durable mug is perfect for summer camping with my family."

"Perfect for chilling out on the beach or changing into my wetsuit when the waves are firing!"

Position: Purchasing Manager
Loves to: Kiteboard and Surf

Poler Stowaway Chair
"This Poler chair is super comfy, lightweight, and packs down in a small bag for easy transport!"

SunBum Signature SPF 50 Tinted Face Stick
"This face stick stays on super well during water activities and has a nice color tint so you don't look all pasty-face!"


Position: Shop Manager
Loves to: Surf, Skate, and Snowboard

The Vissla Greenhouse 17.5"
"Having grown up wearing hand-me-down scratchy, netted, ultra-long boardies, I love a short, freeing, comfy, above-the-knee boardshort. Vissla’s designs and colorways never miss, and these boardshorts are ones you can rock all summer long."

Third Coast 18" Roof Rack Pad
"When summer hits, I’ve often got boards strapped to the roof of my truck. You need pads that aren’t gonna crumble in the sun and that rep your local shop. Keep those boards safe and get ’em out in the water!"

Position: Shop Employee
Loves to: Surf, Skate, and Snowboard

SlowTide Pennylane Turkish Towel
"Cute and lightweight! Perfect for my backpack since it's quick drying and sand falls right off."

Sun Bum Browning Lotion
"Must have for every beach day! The smooth formula smells amazing and gives the perfect tan."


Position: Shop Employee
Loves to: Skate, Snowboard, and Hike

TCSS Surf Wax Candle
"Smells so good I can't stop buying them!"

Position: Shop Employee
Loves to: Skate and Surf

Carver C7 Surfskate Complete
"So fun to skate on this board! The ability to both carve and push this board adds so much variety to an otherwise repetitive commute."

Position: Surf Instructor and Shop Employee
Loves to: Skate and Surf

TCSS Medicine Man Surfboard
"This board makes less-than-ideal surf conditions a blast. Super-fast off the bottom and low-entry rocker to get you into waves easily."

Carver x Bing Surfskate Complete
"Super-sick style and portable. You can rip anywhere!"