We Have Our Winners :: WOTW 2020

Submissions came from far and wide and we want to thank all who participated. You are the front line in keeping life rad in middle America.⠀

There were so many good photos and videos the judges had a hard time picking winners in the end. Yet they did, and a special thanks goes to amigos Rusty Malk and Tim Folkert of Migration Surf, who helped TCSS owner Ryan Gerard comb through them. We’ll be featuring our honorable mentions on the Third Coast Instagram page in the coming days; you won’t want to miss them. Until then...

We have our winners!⠀

Best Wave@christiandalbecphotography

This mid-winter image, captured on the fabled Lake Superior north shore of Minnesota, speaks for itself. The composition, color, and sheer vibe is a testament to the work this guy has been pumping out the past few years.

Best Snowboarding Capture@chrisguibert_photography

There were many killer snowboarding captures but this one ended up on top. Bluebird skies, fresh snow (a staple at Mount Bohemia in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), and the chairlift peanut gallery make it oh so nice.⠀

Best Ice Beard@lakemichigansessions

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny the “oh shit” factor when you see a good ice beard. See the stoke oozing out of long-time lake shredder Marc Hoeksema’s eyelashcicles? We do, too.

Cheers, friends !


Great Lakes Wave of the Winter is a Great Lakes-exclusive contest aiming to display the best of the best winter surfing and snowboarding images in our unique shredding community. A two month-long contest open to all lake surfers and riders, with no entry fees, three divisions, and only a couple simple rules. The grand prizes? An Xcel Wetsuits winter wetsuit package, Burton snowboard, & Surf Fur parka ⚡️