Welcome to our new Online Store

Here we are, the year 2018, and our latest Online Store is now live. Man, how things have changed since we built our first site in 2005. Things seemed a lot simpler back then, but we've managed to roll with the tides (or, in the Great Lakes, lack thereof) and keep on trucking. Now, four or five websites in - I forget now - we are more stoked than ever about what TCSS can offer the Great Lakes surfing community.

This latest online store has been years in the works. For a long time, we've wanted to try the best we can to replicate our in-store experience, online. With this new site, I think we are getting a lot closer. From a much broader array of product offerings, to more in-depth info on Great Lakes surfing - including a new Surf Forecast page we are updating twice weekly - we hope you find the new site to be helpful.

If you see anything funky going on, or just want to make a recommendation, please email us at info@thirdcoastsurfshop.com and we'll get back to you shortly. Thanks for stopping by.

Ryan & the TCSS Crew