Sandboard Rentals

Rent a sandboard or sand sled from our St. Joseph shop, and get ready to experience Lake Michigan's majestic dune formations like never before.

Our Rental Gear – Sandboards and Sand Sleds

Combining elements of snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing, sandboards and sand sleds are exclusively designed for riding down or across the face of a dune. Our rental sandboards and sand sleds are made of hardwood decks and an extra-slick base material, with specific wax used to reduce friction. (You just won’t get the same kind of experience with snow sleds, snowboards and other gear not created for use in the sand.)


Sandboards come equipped with foot bindings that allow you to stand while sliding, effectively “surfing” on sand! You’ll take to sandboarding quickly if you have good balance (and if you have experience with snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing), but just about anyone can do it. It’s super fun!

$25 per hour

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Sand Sleds

Sand sleds feature handles for you to ride while sitting down -- an easy first step toward riding the dunes, especially for families and kids. Depending on the size of your crew, you may even be able to accommodate more than one person at a time! Getting the right gear for sandboarding is paramount; don't adapt equipment from other sports.

$25 per hour

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Ready to Ride?

Reserve your rental ahead of time, then pick up at our shop (212 State Street, St. Joseph, Michigan).

• Look for a confirmation email with details about your booking, and follow instructions for filling out your electronic liability waiver.

• You will pick up your rental equipment at our St. Joseph retail store at your selected date and time. Remember, we are on Eastern time!

• When you arrive at our shop to pick up your rental equipment, our crew is happy to recommend appropriate locations for sandboarding and sand sledding.  

• Come prepared for the weather (dress accordingly, apply sunscreen, and bring water). We encourage you to bring footwear appropriate for climbing the dunes on hot days -- old socks or thin “aqua socks” work well.