Ricta Speedrings Slim 51mm 99a White

Ricta Speedrings Slim 51mm 99a White

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You get the speed and reduced rolling resistance of a cored wheel, with none of the rattling.

The inner layer of urethane braced by our SpeedRing Core also helps to prolong the life of your bearings by cushioning them on landings.
With a clean classic look, skaters can rest assured the have the look they want and the performance they deserve

-Maintain speed and shape integrity when landing tricks.
-Smooth rolling wheel, no rattle. Less rattle more roll.

Wider riding surface for stability and more controlled slides with conical edge for better lock ins on coping.

Ricta Rapido urethane is our most balanced formula for maximum speed and smooth roll. Rapido urethane slides when you want it and gives you control when you need it. Our longest lasting urethane with fewer flat spots.